We offer inexpensive flat-fee-pricing. It doesn’t matter how often or how long you host BeamYourScreen sessions, it will always remain as one low flat fee. Participants always connect for free.

Two License Types

We offer two different license types: Single User License and Shared User License.

With the Single User License one named user can host BeamYourScreen sessions. With the Shared User License anyone in your company can host BeamYourScreen sessions.

If you have several users you will either need individual Single User Licenses one for each user or a Shared User License for a group of users. With a Shared User License, you can select the number of sessions that you would like to host at any one point in time.

If you decide to buy individual Single User Licenses, each BeamYourScreen session host will get their own username and password and can host sessions independently. If you decide to buy a Shared User License, you will get one username that is shared among several people.

Three Product Versions

We offer three different product versions: (1:1), (1:10) and (1:25).

The product versions differ in the maximum number of participants per session. With the (1:1) version you can invite exactly one person to join your session, with the (1:10) version you can invite up to 10 participants to join your session and with the (1:25) up to 25 participants. All product versions include the same set of features. Do you plan to conduct online sessions with more than 25 guests? Contact us for special case pricing!

Leasing Prices

Single User License Info Shared User License Info
(1:1) USD 30.00 per month USD 60.00 per month
(1:10) USD 35.00 per month USD 70.00 per month
(1:25) USD 40.00 per month USD 80.00 per month

All leasing prices are per month. The setup fee is USD 50.00 per license. The leasing fees are prepaid in advance for the entire contract period. Leasing contracts renew automatically. The notice period for cancellation is one month before the end of the contract period. You can change your subscription options and cancel future renewals in the MyAccount section of the website.

Purchase Prices

Single User License Info Shared User License Info
(1:1) USD 720.00 one-time USD 1440.00 one-time
(1:10) USD 840.00 one-time USD 1680.00 one-time
(1:25) USD 960.00 one-time USD 1920.00 one-time

The above purchase prices refer to program version 3.0. With a Shared User License, the price refers to one concurrent session.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We offer a 7-day return policy. If you are not completely satisfied with BeamYourScreen, you can cancel your order in writing.

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