Desktop Sharing Desktop Sharing
With BeamYourScreen up to 25 people can view each other’s PC screens live over the Internet.
Secure Remote Control Secure Remote Control
The users can grant remote control rights to each other. Upon passing on the presentation right to one of the participants the session organizer can also actively request remote control from this user. The user always has to confirm the remote control request and can regain control at any time.
Change Presenters Change Presenters
Each participant can also become presenter and show their PC screen to all the other participants. The presenter can be changed with just one mouse click.
File/Clipboard Transfer File/Clipboard Transfer
Using the file transfer feature it is possible to send files to one or more participants. As a result, all session participants always dispose of the most recent file version. Upon granting remote control to a given participant, this participant can copy and paste text from one PC to the other using the clipboard transfer feature.
Pointer Pointer
Participants who neither show their PC screen nor have remote control of the presenter PC can click anywhere on their viewer window and a pointer will appear on the presenter screen for several seconds. In order to be able to distinguish the participants, each pointer appears in a different color and shows the name of the respective participant next to it. Using the pointer participants can highlight issues that require further clarification.
Session Login on your Website Session Login on your Website
Integrate BeamYourScreen seamlessly in your existing website and business processes by adding a few lines of HTML code on your website. As a result, guests can connect to your BeamYourScreen sessions through your own website. There is no need to send them to our website.
Back Monitor Back Monitor
The back monitor shows how the participants view your PC screen.
Automatic Zoom Automatic Zoom
Don’t worry about your participants’ screen resolution. The image size is automatically adjusted to the participants’ screen resolution. No more scrolling! By default, the automatic zoom is enabled and can be disabled anytime during the session by right clicking in the viewer window.
Full Screen Full Screen
Each participant in a desktop sharing session can switch to full screen mode to view only the presenter’s PC screen.
Recording and Playback Recording and Playback
Using the recording feature, you can make a video of your BeamYourScreen sessions for documentation purposes or for reviewing them at later stages. Our BeamYourScreen session player can be used to play back the recordings, which are recorded and saved in a proprietary format. As part of our service, we supply the BeamYourScreen session player which is available for downloading from the Resources section within this website.
Application Selection Application Selection
Rather than sharing all applications open on your desktop, you are able to select the specific applications that you require for sharing while hiding others, and hence protect your privacy. This feature applies to all your desktop contents as well as the taskbar.
Pause Transmission Pause Transmission
If the need arises to take a pause within the online meeting, you are able to suspend transmission of your screen at any time during a desktop sharing or online collaboration session. This allows you to check your emails, open confidential files, browse other sites, etc, all with the comfort of mind that nobody can view your screen.
Usage Reports Usage Reports
You can access detailed session statistics in the MyAccount section on our website. You can see when you started and ended sessions, how long each session lasted and which participants were connected.
Whiteboard Whiteboard
Use the whiteboard to illustrate and highlight important issues.
One2Many One2Many
You can invite up to 25 participants to your desktop sharing or online collaboration session. We offer five different product versions that differ in the maximum number of participants who can join your session at any time: (1:1), (1:5), (1:10), (1:15), (1:25). Your participants always connect for free and do not require their own license to join your BeamYourScreen session. All product versions include the same set of features. Do you plan to conduct online sessions with more than 25 guests? Contact us for special case pricing!
HTML Viewer HTML Viewer
With our award winning HTML Viewer, we offer participants an alternative way to login that allows them to participate in an online session even without downloading any software. While the presenter can show any screen content in real time and hence is not restricted to showing PowerPoint™ slides only, the HTML Viewer was tailored for presentation purposes and as a result does not provide all features that the default login does.
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