“We use BeamYourScreen up to 10 times a day and it saves us a minimum of 100€ each time. The most successful story saved our company 1500€ in expenses and 18 hours of traveling time.”

Lasse Szabo
Product Specialist – Sales/ Support
Toshiba TEC Nordic AB
“We are very happy with the product. We are using it in Nordic development projects demonstrating prototypes and GUIs. Instead of going to Oslo and Helsinki for a whole day (1 or 2 persons) for a two hour meeting we set up the meeting (for 2 hours) with conference phones and BeamYourScreen. We have done this about 7 times so far which gives us a very good ROI. One person traveling 7 times to Helsinki/Oslo 7* 300 € and 7 * 6 hours lost work hours (70 €/h). So I guess we could say we have saved (7 * 6 * 70 + 7 * 300) 5040 € in about 1 month.”

Ulf Trulsson
IT Architect
“We were looking for a simple and fast way to present our solutions all over the globe. BeamYourScreen is working great. It has proved itself to be a powerful tool. The performance is great and the interface is just brilliant.”

Hendrik Falapin
Project Engineer
Fugro Engineers
“The best tool our organization has ever run across. Easy to launch - the easiest system for clients to launch, no pre-session set-up.”

Todd Eden
Vice President
Alliance Reservations Network
“It's a new way of presentation and our customers love it. It's easy and simple.”

Roel Cremers
Account Manager
Twinfield International N.V.
“BeamYourScreen has given us significant savings over what we were previously using. It is extremely fast compared to other products on the market and it is definitely an advantage to our company.”

Tony Awbrey
System Engineer
Agilon LLC
“BeamYourScreen has been working very well for our organization and is well supported. As a small company who watches expenditures closely, this has been a powerful tool to mitigate travel and increase presentation success.”

Brian Pike
VP Sales & Marketing
Mednet Healthcare Technologies,Inc.
"I am really confident with Beam2Support! I have used it much more than I expected, because its use is so simple and straightforward. I think I don’t need to say more. At this moment I don’t know of any thing that could be improved to make the tool still better."

Kristy Smith
Sales Administration
Epiphany Cardiography Products, LLC
“We save a lot of time with BeamYourScreen since it lets us show an online presales demo of our ERP software to potential customers. This is a very efficient tool since it quickly gives a good idea to our customers and shows us if they are interested in our solution. We get their direct feedback and almost all our demos take more than an hour.”

Farhad Kehtari
“The regular and impeccable utilization of BeamYourScreen enabled us and our clients and partners to save significant amounts of time and travel expenses. Due to the simple and smooth operation of BeamYourScreen we are able to execute M&A processes faster and more efficient.”

Alexander Gradow
Altium Capital AG
“Since using BeamYourScreen my sales team can now have a potential customer on their screen within 5 minutes and showing them the software in real time totally catered to their questions. This results in faster sales for the company and even better customer service because we are now able to go on their computer and set them up completely within 20 minutes.”

Brigette Lankar
Sr. Account Representative
Autogence, Inc.
“It was brilliant! I loved it. So easy.”

Brett Cruickshank
Elogix Corporation Pty. Ltd.

We look forward to your feedback. Please send an email to feedback@beamyourscreen.com.

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